Two Kinds Of Morality Create Two Kinds Of Understanding: Sane & Insane
From 'Role Of Morality' a chapter of 'A Study Of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (19/11/18)

Two Kinds Of Morality Supply Two Kinds Of Understanding
Morality is the essence of understanding and thus life, but there are two kinds of morality— selfish and unselfish — and these obtain two different understandings:

An Unselfish Understanding Is Sane
An Unselfish understanding worships a set of values that place the common good ahead of self. Tradition dictates that maintaining and interpreting this set of values is the role of the church, so supplying a common and clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong, free from the prejudice of private desires, which is sanity. Hence

Sanity — is the ability to recognize right from wrong independently of private feelings by reference to the dictates of the church. This in turn allows:

A Single Shared Understanding — A Community
The result of sanity is a shared understanding— a Community: by being independent of the personal feelings of an individual a single set of values can be adopted by a group to form a single communal understanding, which allows them to act as one creature, an animal that is much stronger and cleverer than its individual members as it is empowered by:

Tradition Defined
The common purpose achieved through its institutions empowered by its knowledge is the wisdom of the community, which must insensibly become its tradition, hence:

Tradition is the accumulated WISDOM of the community, which must be the duty of every citizen to uphold if the community is to stay sane.

A Selfish Understanding Is Insane
A selfish understanding worships only self, which makes it a slave of its feelings where right is what private feelings desire and wrong is what private feelings dislike. As feelings change with mood and circumstances, so must judgement, which can never be predictable or rational; which is insanity. Hence:

Insanity — is the inability to recognize right from wrong independently of private feelings, which obtains:

No Single Shared Understanding — No Tradition, Only Insane Citizens Forming An Insane Community
The impact of which must destroy any existing Community by inhibiting all achievements, allowing only the exploitation and destruction of the actual achievements of others, as:

The Sanity Test
As the insane have no way of judging right from wrong except by their feelings, a simple test of sanity is the question:

How do you recognise right from wrong independently of your feelings?

Unless the truthful answer is tradition, which is the teachings of the church, then insanity is demonstrated.

Sanity gives a clear meaning to life and wins wealth though knowledge, but it forces its devotees into a constant struggle to control their emotions as they suppress appetites that conflict with traditional morality. Whereas Insanity imposes only the restraints of convenience on behaviour, otherwise licensing every animal urge, but it cannot supply any long term meaning to life and incurs poverty through delusion.