A Community(Society) is: A Shared Understanding
From A Study of Our Decline by P Atkinson (11-Mar-19)

A Shared Understanding of the meaning and use of words is essential for citizens to communicate. A Shared Understanding of beliefs about right and wrong is essential for citizens to share the same purpose so act as one creature. Hence a community(society) is a Shared Understanding, whose citizens' use of language is the exercise of its understanding, and whose behaviour is dictated by its citizens' beliefs about right and wrong.

All Human achievements are first thoughts before they become things. So the creations of communities(societies) such as cities, governments, armies, as well as communal achievements such as conquests and discoveries—everything that goes to make a community—must spring from a communityʼs thoughts. Hence:

A Community(Society) is that group of a race of people sharing beliefs that allow a single shared understanding, which insensibly incorporates the racial character of the group. Hence all communities, from tribes to nations, are founded by a particular race with a unique understanding that is:

Thereby forming a single powerful creature, made up of people sharing the same Tradition whose dutiful ambitions are achieved by violence inflicted upon:

Hence the ability to inflict violence is the measure of the strength of this creature, which is founded on its citizens love for their tradition, so the moment this reverence is discarded, the community not only loses its strength but its sanity.

A Communal Mind is similar in operation to an individual mind, except that audible conversation replaces silent thoughts, but the mechanism of understanding is the same—ideas, expressed in words, which are filtered by a code of values to determine which should become reasons for action. If a man is an irrational vegetarian crank whose conversation is mainly tirades against imaginary persecutors, then it is this process that will decide the manʼs future—whether as a despised social outcast, or as an absolute monarch, like Hitler. This does not mean that everyone believes what is popular, but unpopular ideas are ignored. Consequently:

A Simple Example of the creation and development of a community (a single shared understanding) can be found in the book “The Great Trek” by Oliver Ransford. This history of the Boers describes how these people came together and formed a communal understanding, expressed in its own unique language Afrikaner: so forming a community with the pride and ambition needed to violently dominate surrounding communities. Indeed, Boer tradition celebrates victories like Vegkop and Blood River as of crucial and lasting significance.