Experimental Low Calorie, High Fat Diet
Appendix "D" From Eat Fat And Grow Slim by Richard MacKarness, M.B., B.S (1958)

Used by Professor Kekwick at the Middlesex Hospital and only for patients under medical supervision.

Anyone who suffers from serious obesity — 3 or 4 stones or more over-weight — will find that this 1,000-calorie high-fat diet will slim them most rapidly. Such a low-calorie, high-fat diet should not be followed without first obtaining personal medical advice.

Breakfast Milk from daily allowance (¼ pint) in tea or coffee. No sugar
1 Energen roll
1 egg or lean ham or haddock
Butter from daily allowance (¾ oz.)
½ grapefruit. No sugar
Mid-MorningTea flavoured with lemon, or black coffee
LunchClear soup or Bovril as desired
4 oz. lean meat of any kind, i.e. beef, mutton, lamb, liver or chicken or game or rabbit
Large serving cooked green vegetables or Large mixed green salad
Black coffee if desired
Tea Milk from daily allowance in tea or tea flavoured with lemon. No sugar
1 Energen roll
1 oz. cheese or 1 egg or 2 oz. Sardine
Butter from daily allowance
DinnerClear soup with Bovril if desired
Very large portion fish (6 oz.) steamed,grilled, or baked with milk from daily allowance
Large serving cooked green vegetable, or Large mixed salad as desired
½ oz. Cheese
1 Energen roll
Tea flavoured with lemon or black coffee
Bed-timeTea flavoured with lemon (no sugar) or Oxo or Bovril
1 Energen roll