Examples Of Child Monsters Eroding Public Order (9/4/2016) — Result of Not Disciplining Children

Teenage Girls Murder For SnapchatApril2016
16 Year Old Murders Teacher In ClassOctober2014
16 Year Old Butchers His Mother & SisterJanuary2014
19 Year Old Murders For FunNovember2013
Attempted Murder For Fun At SchoolJuly
Expulsions Of Violent Pre-Schoolers SoarJune
14 Year Old Murders MotherApril 2012
12 Year Old Tries To Murder Step-Mum
16 Year Old Thrill Killer October 2011
15 Year Old Murders For A BetJuly
Teenagers Randomly Vandalise, Kill
3 Year Old Vandal
Terror TotsMay
Wild Child Gangs Hunted By Police
Teens Binge On Crime March2010
New Generation of Violent GirlsJanuary
Out-of-Control Pre-Schooler Centre December2009
Violence Disrupting ClassNovember
School Kids Murder During Recess August
Teachers Wear Bite ProtectionApril
Pre-Schoolers Terrorising TeachersMarch
Violent Teen Gangs Taking Over Streets August2008
Alarm Over Boy RapistsApril
Child Gangs Terrorise The U.K.March
16 Year Old Murders Parents
Child Thugs November2007
Our Child Outlaws May2004
Brat Epidemic
Schoolgirl Bullies Education Department January2003
11 Year Old Bullies A Town December2002
Frightened Of Our Kids
One Boy Crime Wave Australia