Barbarian Attacks Upon Western Civilisation
From 'Living With Decline' Part of "A Study Of Our Decline" by P Atkinson (25-May-17)

"Muslims welcome here" is a popular catch-cry after Muslim attacks, which reveals why the attacks will increase in frequency and ferocity until Western Civilisation is overwhelmed, as predicted by Arnold Toynbee in "A Study Of History"

Muslims Murder 7 Wound 48 In London2017June
Muslim Suicide Bomber Murders 22 in UK May
Muslims Murder 84 in France2016 July
Muslims Murder 49 wound 53 in USAJune
Muslims Murder 31 in Brussels, March
Muslims Murder 14 in USA2015December
Muslims Murder 130 In ParisNovember
Muslims Kill 12 In French Newspaper AttackJanuary
Muslim Takes Hostages In Sydney2014December
Muslim Attacks Canadian Parliament October
Muslim Tries To Kill 2 Police In AustraliaSeptember
Muslims Hack A Man To Death In London2013 May
Muslims Rampage In Sweden
Boston Marathon Race BombingApril
Muslims Rampage In France (Again)2012August
Black Mob Riots In London2011August
Race War At Wisconsin State Fair
Muslims Rampage In France2005September
London Bomb AttacksJuly
Madrid Massacre2004 March
Murder Of White Farmers2002
World Trade Centre Destroyed2001 September
War Of Black Against White1995 May